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Haute couture tailoring, in only 72 hours we have ready your suit.


Col Steam Punk 23'-24'

Steam punk is the name of this collection by Carlos Benguigui where
we travel back in time with a contemporary touch. The victorian mood 
and the essence of the industrial revolution it's what characterizes this
pieces a lot of earth and neutral colors combined in a new way to make 
a statement for the modern man.


The fit of pieces may vary thistime to let the buyer coose fitted and loose

in an obvious prediction of what´s comming soon a less fitted and ore comfortable gentleman. Accessories play a very important part on the collection going from the chains at the hips to the ones at the  neck also could be used at the vests. Moreover the relevant key point about these looks it´s that can be used as suit or as combinations without loosing elegance.

We'll travel with Jules Verne to an extraordinary league mixing

history and fantasyin one glam look

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